Sunday, March 11, 2012

This is my first post. Not sure why I am doing this I know other people have/are. Yes, if some one jumped off a bridge would i do it too (nonsudicidal though) Sooooo this is me and my new found blog about my life as a high school 17 year old. I guess if anyone reads this that's cool but there are like 1342132348795719028346917856129 blogs all ready out there that is not an appoxopite number just me playing piano on my number keys. Read this if you find my life interesting enough other wise I will be the only one to read them when I choose to look back at what I wrote. Oh just a forewarning I cannot spell for s*** so sorry if that causes your reading ability's issues Ill do what i can. This post is being done at 10 on a night where i have homework and should be sleeping but an procrastination so what do i do? make a blog. Grand, im sure that will be a valid excuse on why i didn't read 30 pages of 1984.

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